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Aumuca Interactive Feather Cat Tease Stick

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This cat feather toy with collar offers endless possibilities for play. You can wear it on your ankle, tie it to the cat tree, cat bed, or even wear it around your cat's neck. The silicone accessory is designed with an adjustable buckle to fit cats of any size, and its skin-friendly and elastic material ensures your cat's comfort while wearing it.

As the feathers wave like a bird, this funny interactive cat toy stimulates your cat's hunting instincts, providing exercise and entertainment. It will enhance the relationship between you and your cat, keeping your feline friend fit and happy.

Made from high-quality materials, the cat collar is lightweight and soft, and the feathers are dyed with reliable colors to inspire your cat's wildness. The flexible metal spring can be restored to its original shape after bending. With two spare feather heads, each equipped with a metal bell, you can continue the fun even if the feathers break after long-time use.

Material: Silicone+Feather+Carbon Steel
Hands-free: Adjustable Silicone Strap
Weight: 70g/2.47oz
Silicone collar length: 340mm/13.4in
Spring bar + feather head: 300mm/11.8in