aumuca Four Babies

Frankie unknowingly becomes a photogenic model, Max connects with colleagues, Lily adds mischievous charm, and Rich's serene presence offers a tranquil respite. 


British Longhair | 20 Months 

One of Frankie's endearing habits is his fondness for napping near computers. However, his affinity for cozying up to keyboards and sprawling across important documents has led to a few comical mishaps, resulting in laughter and camaraderie.


Ginger cat | 24 Months

Max's handsomeness is undeniable, with his vibrant orange coat and expressive eyes capturing the attention of everyone he encounters. Amidst the bustling office environment, Max stands out as a calming presence, offering a moment of respite from the daily hustle.


British Shorthair | 22 Months

Behold "Rich," the Zen master of our workspace. With an aura of silence and simplicity, he navigates the office with a stability that is both soothing and inspiring. His tranquil demeanor is an antidote to the cacophony of phones ringing and keyboards clacking.


Black cat | 37 Months

"Quiet" is the word that best describes Lily, the black short-haired cat who is an enigmatic observer in our bustling office. She remains detached from the constant interactions, content in her solitary moments. Yet, when her gluttonous instincts come to life, the office witnesses her tactical prowess.