Who We Are

We were founded by a group of passionate cat enthusiasts who wholeheartedly embrace the feline culture. We consider our cats as cherished family members, showering them with deep love and care. Our mission is to provide an outstanding experience for cats, allowing them to thrive in health and happiness while fostering enduring companionship with us.

In 2018, our founder Javen Li adopted four stray cats. However, he faced numerous challenges related to cat shedding, and the existing cat hair cleaning tools on the market just didn't cut it. This predicament ignited his pursuit of cat health and happiness, driving him to seek better solutions for both cats and their owners.

To bring this vision to life, we spontaneously formed a team dedicated to exploring and addressing cats' needs, encompassing their well-being, lifestyle, and overall health. After months of extensive research and analysis, we gained profound insights into the concerns of cat owners. Consequently, we decided to venture into the feline grooming market, wholeheartedly committed to providing cat owners and their furry companions with more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable experiences through innovative products and attentive services.

Product Milestones

Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This slicker brush gently removes the loose hair and tangles from a shedding cat with fine bristles that penetrate the coat deeply, without scratching your pet. The best part—click the button when you’re done to retract the bristles, making it simple to collect and dispose of all that hair you’ve brushed out.

Our Mission

Our mission is to curate a delightful and refined lifestyle for cats and their owners, empowering every cat owner to offer optimal care and companionship to their beloved feline friends, fueled by genuine love and concern. We firmly believe that life with cats is enriched, and we are fully dedicated to bestowing cats with a healthier, happier existence, putting our heart and soul into it.