Why does my cat meow at night?

Why does my cat meow at night?

You just finished a challenging, tiring day and just want to sleep for a little. But soon you wake up due to your cat meowing intensely during the night. Before you head to the interactive cat toy to give to your pet, you need to wonder, why does the cat meow at night? What causes this problem and how can you address it?

Cats are active during the night

Cats don’t have the same schedule we do. In fact, most cats are very active during the night, and that’s certainly a thing to keep in mind. They sleep during the day, but they are very active within the early hours of the morning. As your cat grows older, she will adapt to your schedule, but in the beginning you will have night time meowing for sure.


Health problems

There are situations when your cat is meowing during the night because she is dealing with various health problems. These can be kidney issues or an overactive thyroid. It’s important to note these are the main reasons behind excessive night time vocalization.


Signs of mating

Yes, night time sounds generated this way might also be a sign that your cat is preparing to mate. The same thing can be said if your cat is bringing in very loud screeching sounds along with intense meowing too.


Your cat is aging

Night time meowing is also a sign of aging as well. Cats will have a cognitive dysfunction syndrome as they age, which is a clear sign of their aging brain. Meowing randomly even during the night is certainly a sign of that happening, and it’s a thing to take into consideration here.


Your cat might dislike being inside

If you have an outdoor cat, then they might not like being trapped indoors. When that happens, they will start meowing all the time. Even if you give them an interactive cat toy, that might still lead them to meowing often.



Lastly, boredom can indeed be an issue as well. Cats need mental stimulation, so if your cat doesn’t have an interactive cat toy, she will try other ways to stay active. Meowing is certainly one of those things that any cat will do and yes, even if it stresses you out, your cat will enjoy the activity.

As you can see, there are many reasons why your cat is meowing during the night. Most of the time, this will happen randomly, but there are also specific reasons behind the unwanted meowing as well. It’s a good idea to buy an interactive cat toy so you can keep your cat active. With that in mind, you also want to go to the vet, just to avoid any possible health complications!



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