Undercoat Rake Usage Skills | Steps | Note

Perfect for Most of Furry Pets:

Cat Breeds: Domestic Long Hair Cat, Maine Coon, Persian, Ragdoll, Siberian, Norwegian Forest Cat, Himalayan Cat, Turkish Angora, Birman, LaPerm, Somali Cat, Turkish Van and other medium or long haired cats. Others: small dogs with long hair, long-haired rabbit, ferrets, etc.

Notice:This cat undercoat rake may not suitable for some super short haired pet breeds like Abyssinian, Bengal, Oriental Shorthair, Tabby and so on.


STEP 1: Removal Matted

Start off with this rake to clear tangled fur and remove stubborn mats and tangles that tend to tangle easily on the body. Cats are prone to matting and tangling of their fur in specific areas such as the axilla, abdomen, tail, and around the ears. These areas are often challenging for cats to groom themselves effectively. The axilla and abdomen have hair that frequently comes into contact  , leading to friction and entanglement. The tail, with its longer and denser fur, is prone to matting due to regular contact with surfaces like the floor or furniture.

STEP 2: Removal Loose Hair

Minimize Discomfort:
grooming against the hair growth may cause discomfort for your cat, as it pulls on the hair and skin.
Protect Hair Structure: A cat's hair is designed to protect their skin, regulate body temperature, and prevent water loss. Combing in the direction of hair growth helps maintain hair neatness and smoothness, supporting overall hair health.
Effective Debris and Dead Hair Removal: Combing in the direction of hair growth allows the grooming tool to penetrate the hair better, efficiently removing debris and dead hair.

STEP 3: Clean up

Due to the unique curved head of our undercoat rake, the collected cat hair will not hang loose until you remove it.
Note: Please do not comb too much hair at one time, this will cause the shap inner knife edge to be ineffective, and it will easily pull other intact hair of the cat.

Dealing with matted fur:

If you encounter matted fur during grooming, it's important to avoid using scissors to cut them out, as this can cause injuries. Follow these steps instead:

Use the end of a undercoat rake to gently pick at the mat and gradually loosen it from the fur.If your cat becomes agitated or starts struggling, pause the session and resume combing when they are calm and rested.Refrain from pulling or tugging at the mat. Continued gentle picking with the comb's end will eventually loosen the mat from the skin.