"M" the Stray Tuxedo Cat

Follow the journey of "M," a stray Tuxedo cat, who brings a message to her kittens after running away while being fed. As more kittens appear, they go from cautious to ravenous eaters. The kittens watch the rain pour as they rest, bidding us farewell with a final gesture. We promise to meet again.

Meeting "M" & the Feeding Routine

A Curious Departure "M" Runs Away Mid-Meal

Follow the camera, let's see what she does next

Brings News to Her Kittens

New Arrivals and the Joy of More Kittens

With "M" as their guide, they approached their meals with cautious curiosity, taking small bites. But as their trust us grew, their appetites became ravenous.

The Rain Begins

As the Kittens Eat, the Sky Opens Up. Rest After Feasting, Each Kitten Finds Their Place to Rest.

Goodbye for Now, Until Meet Again

As we prepared to leave, "M" watched us with her wise eyes. Though they bid farewell, we knew in our hearts that our paths would cross again.

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[from the aumuca Photography Group]