aumuca Pet De-shedding Tool Usage Skills | Steps | Note
Conseils d'utilisation des produits aumuca

aumuca Pet De-shedding Tool Usage Skills | Steps | Note

The aumuca pet shedding tool is ideal for short-haired cats and dogs, efficiently removing hair without harming the pet's skin. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, enhancing coat health by distributing natural oils for a healthier shine. Regular use can significantly reduce shedding, keeping your home hair-free. This tool makes grooming sessions efficient and enjoyable.

Safety Features

1. Efficient and Gentle Deshedding

The aumuca pet deshedding tool is designed to remove hair effectively while being gentle on healthy hair and follicles. It includes sandblasting technology to round off the brush teeth, minimizing the risk of skin damage.

2. Customized Size for Cats

Specifically designed for felines, this tool is compact and lightweight, weighing only 75g/2.64oz, making it ideal for both kittens and adult cats.

Usage Frequency

The deshedding tool is recommended for use 2-3 times per week. The duration and frequency can vary based on the breed, shedding condition, and thickness of your pet's hair. During peak shedding seasons, like spring and fall, more frequent use may be necessary.

Usage Steps

1. Preparation

Comfort your cat and ensure it is relaxed before beginning the grooming session.

2. Deshedding

Groom in the direction of hair growth, from front to back and top to bottom, focusing on areas like the back, belly, neck, and underarms. Start with larger areas before moving to more specific spots. When grooming the belly, a side-lying or seated position may be more comfortable for your cat.


3. Hair Cleaning

After deshedding, wipe your cat's coat with a wet cloth to remove loose hair, or use a pin brush or slicker brush for additional grooming.

4. Rewards

If the session was lengthy, consider rewarding your cat with a treat.

Important Tips

  • Always be gentle to avoid hurting your pet. Grooming should be done patiently and softly, especially around sensitive areas.
  • Ensure there are no severe tangles in your pet's fur before using the deshedding tool. Use a dematting tool to remove knots first if necessary.
  • Use a protective cover on the comb teeth when not in use to prevent damage.
  • Wash and thoroughly dry the tool after use to remove any residual skin oils and flakes.
  • Avoid using the tool on pets with inflamed skin or open wounds until fully healed.