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12 British Shorthair Cats Colors and Patterns (With Pictures)

Discover the Beautiful British Shorthair Cat Colors

The British Shorthair cat is one of the most beloved and distinctive breeds, known for its charming personality and striking appearance. With their wide heads, rounded faces, and chipmunk cheeks, these cats are easily recognizable. British Shorthair cats boast a variety of beautiful coat colors and patterns, making them a popular choice among cat lovers. Whether you're drawn to their solid blue, chocolate, or cream coats, or prefer the intricate patterns of tabby or tortoiseshell, the British Shorthair offers a delightful array of options. This guide will help you explore the different colors and patterns of the British Shorthair cat, ensuring you find the perfect feline companion.


British Shorthair Cat Facial Features Explained

  • Wide Head & Rounded Face: The British Shorthair has a distinctly broad and rounded head, giving it a full and robust appearance.
  • Chipmunk Cheeks: This breed is known for its prominent, chubby cheeks that resemble those of a chipmunk, adding to its endearing expression.
  • Short Nose: The nose of a British Shorthair is short and straight, contributing to its characteristic rounded face shape.
  • Broad & Rounded Ears: The ears are set wide apart on the head, broad at the base with rounded tips, perfectly complementing the round head.
  • Short but Thick Neck: This breed has a short, muscular neck that appears thick, enhancing the sturdy and solid look of the cat.
  • Wide Jowls: Particularly noticeable in males, the British Shorthair has wide jowls that further emphasize the breed's strong and rounded facial structure.

British Shorthair Cat Colors

Solid Colors

  1. Blue

    • Oldest and most common.
    • Light to medium blue-gray without spots or stripes.
    • Bright golden, orange, or copper eyes.
blue color british shorthair cats
  1. Chocolate

    • Rich, deep chocolate color from light milk to dark chocolate.
    • Dark orange or copper eyes, pink or chocolate nose, and paw pads.
Chocolate color british shorthair cats
  1. Cream

    • Soft pastel shade, light red appearing cream.
    • Orange, copper, or golden eyes with pink paw pads and nose.
cream color british shorthair cats
  1. Lilac

    • Mix of pink, gray, and blue, from lavender to warm pink-gray.
    • Bright orange-copper or amber eyes, pink mauve paws, and nose.
Lilac color british shorthair cats
  1. White

    • Pure snow-white without spots or undertones.
    • Sapphire blue, orange, or yellow eyes, pink nose, and paw pads.
white color british shorthair cats
  1. Red (Ginger)

    • Known as Garfield.
    • Not solid, with tabby markings.
    • Copper or orange eyes, brick red nose, and paw pads.
red and ginger color british shorthair cats
  1. Black

    • Rare and difficult to breed.
    • Pure jet black without rusty shades.
    • Black nose and paw pads, orange eyes.
black color british shorthair cats
  1. Cinnamon

    • Warm, soft chocolate color with copper undertones.
    • Orange or bright amber eyes, pink or cinnamon nose, and paw pads.
cinnamon color british shorthair cats
  1. Fawn

    • Soft mushroom-colored coat with a rosy hue.
    • Pink nose and paw pads, rare and valuable.
fawn color british shorthair cats

Bicolo or Tricolor

There are many combinations, black and white, orange and white, black, orange and white, etc. Different areas of the body have different combinations.

Bicolo or Tricolor color british shorthair cats

Patterned Colors

  1. Tabby
    • Classic tabby: Butterfly markings on shoulders, tail rings.
    • Mackerel tabby: Narrow stripes, ringed tail.
    • Spotted tabby: Spotted patterns on legs and belly.
tabby color british shorthair cats

Mixed Colors

  1. Tortie or Tortoiseshell
    • Combination of solid shades with tabby patterns, forming a mosaic.
    • Variations: Black Tortie, Chocolate Tortie, Blue Tortie, Cinnamon Tortie, Lilac Tortie, Fawn Tortie, Smoke Tortie, Torbie.
Tortie or Tortoiseshell color british shorthair cats