Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Skills | Steps | Note

*Photo from aumuca model - ORANGE

Gently brush from head to toe with this slicker brush for cats, which has 208 massage tips, can remind them of kitten hood and the barbs on their mother’s tongue when she licked them. Making cats enjoy this feeling very much.

Our brushing skills

This self cleaning sticker is suitable for almost all short haired cats and most medium | long haired cats.


1. Extra-short hair or sparsed hair may not be suitable for this product.

2. Extra-long hair and prone to entangled hair and curly cats are not suitable for this product (such as extra-long Maine Coon, Devon, Selkirk Rex, etc.) For such cats, the undercoat rake of aumuca will be more handy.

Our brushing skills

Combining Brushes:

  • For most short-haired cats, a self cleaning sticker is an excellent tool for grooming and de-shedding. All you need to do is run down your cat's hair and gently dig each tip into your furry friend's hair for a generous amount of loose cat hair.
  • For long-haired cats, use a combination of brushes, such as a wide-toothed comb | undercoat rake to detangle and remove mats, followed by a slicker brush to remove loose hair and smooth the coat.

Removing Mats:

Gently work through mats and tangles using your fingers or a mat breaker tool. Start at the edges and carefully loosen the mat from the surrounding fur. Take your time and avoid pulling or causing discomfort to your cat.

Special Attention to Undercoat:

For cats with an undercoat, use a specialized undercoat rake or de-shedding tool to remove loose and dead hair from the undercoat. This helps prevent matting and reduces shedding.

Paying Attention to Sensitive Areas:

Be extra gentle when brushing sensitive areas like the belly, armpits, and hindquarters. These areas are more prone to matting and may require extra care to avoid causing discomfort.

Frequency of Brushing:

The frequency of brushing depends on your cat's fur type and shedding patterns. Long-haired cats usually require daily brushing, while short-haired cats may benefit from a few times a week. Adjust the frequency based on your cat's individual needs.