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Why My Cat Has Swollen Nose

by Dashu Mai on Nov 03, 2022

Why My Cat Has Swollen Nose

The redness of the nose can be brought on by high ambient temperature, trauma, parasites, allergies, skin illnesses, stress, and poor skin heat dissipation in cats, which is largely through the tongue and foot pads.


Trauma: The nose is a more sensitive area of the cat, and if it is injured, the body will react by turning red, swelling, heating up, and inflaming.


Parasites: In real life, it is not difficult to notice flies and maggots parasitized on cats' noses. There will also be redness and insect bites that draw blood.


 Allergy: The hypersensitive reaction that the nose produces after coming into touch with allergens is a natural bodily response.


A Dermatological disease: When the cat has a bacterial or fungal infection, the nose becomes red and swollen, as in atopic dermatitis.


A Stress state: Cats are in terrible conditions, and blood circulation is increased, causing nose redness. Determine the cause of symptomatic treatment will be more conducive to healing, it is recommended that if there are other uncertain factors in the early visit to the pet doctor, less detours.

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