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How to keep cat hair shiny and healthy?

by Dashu Mai on Aug 22, 2022

How to keep cat hair shiny and healthy?

You may be confused or worried about why your cat's hair is dry and dull? Here are some reasons to help:

. Bathing too often 

Cats love cleanliness and will do their own cleaning on a daily basis. Frequent bathing will darken the skin and make it drier.  Understand that they don’t need the super level of cleanliness that we humans do.

 . Malnutrition

For healthy hair, skin, and body, your cat needs a well-balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. If your cat only eats low-quality foods that are harder to digest, kittens may end up deficient in important minerals and vitamins.

. Weight problems

They have difficulty reaching all areas of the body when cats get fat, and their hair is not as clean and shiny.

 Having discussed the causes of the problem, the next step is to take action and help restore your pet's hair to a healthy state.

Hair nutrition

Supplement hair nutrition. A healthy diet results in a healthy cat. You can relate the health of your cat's fur to the food she eats. During the period of hair loss, cats can be fed some foods that are beneficial to the hair and contain more lecithin to supplement the nutrition of the hair.

. Bathe regularly and moderately

During the cat molting, increase the number of times the cat is combed, and use a cat comb to comb the floating hair down.  Using Aumuca cat slicker brush will help your cat clean the fur efficiently and softly.

. Get more sun

During the period of cat shedding.You can let the cat bask in the sun more, which is also good for hair loss.

. Drinking more water

To meet your cat's water needs, you must know when your cat usually drinks water.

. Check your cat's hair more carefully  Consulting a veterinarian if you have any questions.

I believe that your cat’s fur will be better and shinier if you realize all of these problems and suit the remedy to the case.

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