aumuca Self-Cleaning Brush According to Amazon Reviews

What Are the Pros and Cons of the aumuca Self-Cleaning Brush According to Amazon Reviews?

Diving into the world of the aumuca Slicker Brush, we're embarking on an insightful journey through consumer feedback, meticulously examining ten reviews across the spectrum from 1 to 5 stars from Official Amazon Shop. Our quest? To uncover the core concerns and desires of users, alongside pinpointing areas where the product or service can evolve and improve.


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★★★★★ I have a long haired orange tabby girl and she LOOOVVESSS this brush. All I have to do is pick it up and she comes running. She loves rubbing her face on it and will roll around letting me brush her. It's her fave! Cats love it; Effortless; Effective hair removal; Quick cleanup; Safe; Comfortable.
I bought this for my cat who has long hair. Now that he is getting older, he is not grooming himself well. He is starting to get matted hair, which can cause pain. I bought this tool based upon a friend's recommendation. It arrived quickly. It was well made and not too pricey. I like the fact that you can press it and the hair comes right off. That is golden! I would highly recommend this product.
My cats love to be brushed with this, a little larger than most cat brushes but they love it and easy to hold in my hand.
Love the way this captures the cat hair and then with a push of a button the cat hair is released and can easily be disposed of.
Before this, I had another brush with metal bristles that worked great, but when I would try to remove the fur from the brush, the sin needle Bristles would stab me under my fingernails or on my finger pads. This release button technology is so smart and works so well. I love this brush even though one of my cat doesn’t like it. Lol. Would definitely buy again it’s great.
★★★★☆ We have a medium hair cat and this does not do the best job of removing the old hair. The problem is the bristles are not close enough together. This would probably be better for a long haired cat or even a dog. I still use it but was disappointed compared to the last brush which had tighter bristle density. More suitable for long-haired cats and dogs; the effect is average; the brush area is too small; the hair cannot be captured
I've got a short hair cat who still sheds a lot but unfortunately this brush didn't do much to remove her hair. She liked the feel of it and tolerated brushing well, but the teeth were too spread apart and wouldn't pick up her hair. More of a massager for her than hair remover! Had to go with something that has finer bristles closer together to do the trick. Update- I was contacted by the company who was very professional and helpful. Great customer service if you have any issues!
My cat is smarter than the people A..z.n hires to do customer service. They are about as useful as a regurgitated hairball!
I have 4 cats, two of which are long haired. They hate all the brushes I’ve tried and so they never get a good brushing. They cough up fur balls, there is cat hair all over my house, and they are obviously shedding hair. So I tried this brush based on the reviews. To my delight, they LOVE it. They willingly let me brush them for the first time ever. But— the brush removed basically NO hair. These cats have a ton of loose hair but the brush simply did not pick any of it up!! It is sooo frustrating. I think the whole unit might be too slippery. If that’s not the problem I don’t know what is, but it’s useless for removing hair. Cats love it but it did not do the job.
We like the brush. Kitty, our cat, comes as soon as she sees the brush in my hand. I just wish it would be little less bulky.
★★★☆☆ Everything about this brush checked all of my boxes. My cat liked it, and it was easy to remove the hair. However, upon the first use, I noticed that the wire bristles were bending a little after brushing my cat. He's a medium-hair cat that I brush daily, so there aren't any mats in his fur that would cause excessive force to be put on the bristles. I got into the habit of manually pushing the bristles back into place to allow the cleaning shutter to return to its original position. However, after 2 months the bristles have bent so much that they no longer go back into the cleaning shutter. It would be nice if the wire bristles were more sturdy. Cats like it; easy to clean; bristles are easy to bend; durability needs improvement;
Well, my cat loved it, but unfortunately after 7 months the mechanism that pushes out the fur got stuck in the "up" position. Really sad to lose this brush, but it stopped working
use this unit on both of my young cats and they have very soft hair, so in brushing it glides easily through the hair, but it doesn’t capture that much in its bristles for the effort of doing it. It’s not making a big difference in the hair around the house.
My cat weighs 15 lbs., so it’s not that I’m trying to comb a little cat, but it is unwieldy and it doesn’t collect all that much fur. It is nice that the tips are coated, but they are too far apart to collect much…unless you have a long-haired cat, I guess. I’m going to go back to my smaller old standard rectangular wire brush. It is a little more work to clean, but does a better job.
It is soft and gentle so cat likes it but it does not take much hair even when my cat hair is long ( Maine coon ) .
★★☆☆☆ I bought it because the comments were great. But it doesn’t work as great as everyone had said. When brushing my cat, all the hair mostly falls or is still on him. Doesn’t get as much fur as my other brush does. It’s messy with all the hair. Misleading reviews; poor hair removal results; confusing use;
The idea of this is the reason I bought it. The fact you don't have to pull the fur out of the brush is great. Unfortunately it doesn't take much for the pad that have the holes in it to get off alignment or break.
My cat didn’t like it, and it didn’t really hold her hair anyway. Maybe not the best choice for short haired cats.
This brush is hard to hold. In addition, it's too big for cats. My cats disliked it because it;s nearly twice as wide as their heads, Plus, the brush wouldn't fit between their legs on their chests at all. Nice concept if it were geared towards cats.
The more I buy from Amazon the more cheaper in quality the products are and this is a perfect example
★☆☆☆☆ I would have rated this -1 if it had been an option. This brush doesn’t remove hair at all because it has flimsy times with rounded ends. The effect is extremely poor; the bristles are improperly designed;
The day I got the brush, I brushed my cat right away, and noticed the blisters were bent afterwards. I’m returning it… I do have a Persian cat, it might work good for other cat with not so much hair…
The "cleaning" by pressing the lever stopped working as the soft prongs were bent and jammed the unit.
The bristles are too spread apart to grab any fur off of our cats. Didnt work on our shedding tabby or smokey cats. Going in the garbage. Buy one with more dense bristles and save your money. Overpriced as well.
My cat is sensitive and did okay with this brush. However after only a few times of pushing the button to pop the fur out, the bristles started getting caught under the comb making the bursh usless.